Tanner Scientific was formed for one reason; to listen to those who work in the medical lab community and give them what they need to do their jobs more efficiently and economically. We live by our motto:


Our answer comes back to you in many ways including, simplicity, reliability, innovation, better packaging or lower cost; but it always starts with you, the customer.


Tanner Scientific offers an extensive line of

Mohs Pathology Lab Services.

Expanding your practice to include a Mohs Pathology Lab is easier than you think!

Tanner Scientific offers everything you need to give your practice what it needs to be competitive, while also ensuring quality patient care, convenience, and productivity.

Convenient, Efficient and Affordable.

Having your own on-site lab:

  • Eliminates the delays associated with remote labs and couriers.
  • Increases the overall productivity of your practice.
  • Provides the utmost care to your patients
  • Cut down significantly on wait times for lab results and communications.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Tanner Scientific knows that your patients are your number one priority. The experience they have with you and your office staff is what will keep them coming back year after year. We are dedicated to helping you realize the following patient benefits with the installation of your Mohs lab:

  • Patients will benefit from the convenience of reduced travel requirements.
  • No longer wait for results – Patients will get quick results and better communication.
  • Fast diagnosis and expedited treatment for the best patient outcomes.
  • The ability to provide critical lab results on the premises will set you apart from other providers.

Limited floor space?

Tanner Scientific offers a full line of instruments that work within your space requirements. We have solutions that fit within a minimal 10' x 10' foot print.

Laboratory Supplies for all of your Mohs Surgery, General Histology and Cytology Needs

Tanner understands the significance of your investment, which is why we offer a free ROI analysis and consultation for lab installations. Our consultants will be able to give you a realistic picture of the profitability you can expect to see in as little as one year of on-site laboratory use.

In addition to superior lab design, installation and equipment services, we also offer a full range of supplies to complete and compliment your new or existing Mohs histology lab setup including:

  • Cryostats
  • Stainers
  • Microtomes
  • Cryostat and microtome components and accessories
  • Biopsy and tissue cassettes
  • Microscope slides, storage, drying and straining equipment
  • Coverslips
  • Paraffin dispensers
  • Chemicals and reagents
  • Cryospray & embedding supplies
  • Tissue marking dyes and staining equipment

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