TruTouch Vinyl Exam Gloves

TruTouch™ Vinyl Exam Gloves

TruTouch™ Vinyl Exam Gloves are free of DEHP (diethylhexyl-phthalate) and latex - generally safe for users who are allergic to latex. Unlike other disposable gloves, these vinyl gloves feature low resistance to friction and very easily slide on. TruTouch™ is ideal for use in medical offices, hospitals and for cleaning up oils, chemicals or corrosives. With exceptional tactile sensitivity, this multipurpose glove offers advanced comfort and grip as well as ample protection from cross-contamination.

Item #

  • TNR 400XS: X-Small
  • TNR 400S: Small
  • TNR 400M: Medium
  • TNR 400L: Large
  • TNR 400XL: X-Large
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