Microscope Slides

Produced from premium glass, Tanner Scientific® Microscope Slides offer exceptional quality while providing significant savings. Available in three edge styles: 90°, 45° or clipped corners, charged or uncharged. Choose from 11 bright, attractive colors as well as frosted or plain slides. These slides are ideal for everyday use in histology, cytology, hematology and other routine laboratory environments.

Using an automated slide printer? Be sure to try our specially designed clipped corner slides that will decrease errors and improve workflow. Slides with 90° edges are perfect for use in automatic cover slip machines. Clipped corner slides provide comfortable handling and prevent the risk of finger and hand cuts. Slides with 45° beveled edges are ideal for performing blood smears. The highly polished edges are specially angled to 45° to provide a secure grasp during the smearing process.

Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Lavender, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Salmon, Silver, White, Yellow

Options: Frosted, Plain, Etched

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Tanner Scientific Coverglass


Tanner Scientific® Coverglass is suitable for a host of laboratory applications ranging from histopathology, cytology, microbiology and life sciences. This disposable, ultra-thin coverglass offers optical clarity while protecting specimens. Compatible with Tanner Scientific® Microscope Slides. Available in 2 thicknesses: #1 (0.13 - 0.17mm), #1.5 (0.16 - 0.19mm). Packaged 1oz per box, 10oz per case.

Options Available:

  • 24 x 40mm, Rectangular, #1
  • 24 x 50mm, Rectangular, #1
  • 24 x 50mm, Rectangular, #1.5
  • 24 x 50mm, Rectangular, #1, 2oz per box
  • 24 x 55mm, Rectangular, #1
  • 24 x 60mm, Rectangular, #1
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