Manual Precision Microtome

TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome

The TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome is designed for years of trouble free service. Optimized for paraffin sections, as well as research, plastic and industrial applications.

Item # TNR TN6000

  • Dimensions: 18⅞"W x 24"D x 13¾"H
  • Weight (w/o Accessories): 73 lbs


  • Exceptional German engineering
  • High precision specimen feed
  • 3-component disposable blade holders
  • Smoothly running handwheel
  • Modern handwheel lock in each position
  • Trimming function in 4 steps
  • Specimen retraction upon backstroke
  • Acoustic signal alerts at end position
  • Vibration free microtome base plate
  • Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel
  • Spacious, integrated section waste tray
  • Wide range of accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • Choice of High or Low Profile Blade Holder
  • Quick Load Cassette Clamp (Orientable)
  • Universal Cassette Clamp (Orientable & Fixed)
  • Standard Object Clamp (Orientable & Fixed)
  • Super-Mega Cassette Clamp (Fixed)
  • Foil Clamp
  • Illuminated Magnifying Glass
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