Tissue Embedding Station

Tanner Scientific TN1550 Tissue Embedding Station

The Tanner TN-1550 Tissue Embedding Center and cooling plate are used to embed pathological tissue. It is also used to cool the tissue or zoological and botanical tissues after embedding. The advanced control-microprocessor and new PTC calorific material have been applied to this machine. It has functions of temperature control located on 5 parts, and multiple over-heat protection devices. Users can decide time of power on/off by functions of timing power on/off and preset time of the week. Tissue embedding can immediately commence as soon as paraffin block melts.


  • Left and right thermal chambers, hot plate, forceps wells, dispenser and cryo plate all individually temperature controlled
  • Large LED display allows user to see all temperatures without scrolling
  • Large adjustable magnifying glass
  • Automatic and manual modes of operation
  • Light indicator keys
  • Bright, push button adjustable intensity LED lighting
  • 6 liter capacity paraffin tank
  • Temperature 0-85 degrees for heated areas
  • Cryo plate temperature 30 to -15C
  • Finger touch plate and foot pedal paraffin release
  • Fully programmable ON/OFF permits manual override
  • Bright OLED screen enables viewing at any angle
  • Large, easy to open drainage trays under all work areas
  • Heated holder for 6 forceps
  • 240 base mold capacity in each drawer- 480 total
  • Hinged, backward sliding storage covers
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