Semi-Automatic Cryostat

Tanner Scientific TN2085 Semi-Automatic Cryostat

The Semi-Automatic Cryostat is ready when you are. Chamber temperature can drop within 120 minutes of turning the unit on. The stand-by mode can be controlled between -4°C and -9°C automatically. The system returns to working temperature within 15 minutes of initiation from stand-by mode.


  • Large stainless steel freezing chamber and scrap collector
  • Up to of 20 specimen pieces
  • LCD screen shows thickness, function, day, time, temperature, and time on/off
  • UVC sterilize function
  • X, Y, Z, axis orientation system
  • Fast Freezing
  • Two defrost methods
  • Control panel with locking function
  • Locking handwheel
  • Sensor self-diagnosis function
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