Waterbath W/ Pyrex Dish

TN450 Waterbath with Pyrex Dish

Tanner Scientific TN450 Waterbath with Pyrex Dish

The TN450 Tissue Flotation Bath is used for heating a tissue ribbon before placing it on a slide for reading. Its small size and light weight make it a practical instrument for pathology labs, hospitals, medical schools and scientific research institutions.

Product Features:

  • Bright, digital screen shows heater working state, temperature and time
  • Highest quality American Microprocessor for precise temperature control
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Operating temperature nearly 3 times faster than major competitors
  • Displays real time figures of setting temperature, work temperature, time and work state
  • Memory function and recovery function
  • Never forget to turn off unit again with programmable on/off timer
  • No troublesome probe to break and flip all the time
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