Semi-Automatic Microtome

TN5500 Digital Semi-automatic Microtome

TN5500 Semi-Automatic Microtome

The TN5500 Digital Semi-Automatic Microtome features the same precision CNC Cross bearing construction as more expensive models, but also uses an electronically controlled digital stepper motor to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. It's advanced memory function always remembers your last section thickness.

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  • Uses high and low profile blades with easy to use metal spacer.
  • Normal and fast forward push-button functions.
  • LCD screen shows section and trimming thickness, as well as the number of hand wheel rotations.
  • Section and trimming mode can be switch by the touch of a button.
  • Handwheel can be locked at any position to assure user's safety.
  • Large waste tray is secure but easy to unload.
  • Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp available.
  • Emergency stop system.
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